Looking at the art scenario of Kerala- especially an important art space like Kochi, the very frequent art exhibitions happening here portray a clear picture of the vitality of contemporary art and its inclinations.

The artists from Kerala have contributed significantly in defining the history of art in India since the very beginning of Indian modern art as well as later periods. The written history of Indian modern art talks about urban-centric and auction-centric artists   and their artworks. And only after exploring the space outside the regional centers of Kerala, a few artists were recognized in the Pan-Indian art scenario. In this situation, the artists who still   choose to explore local spaces inside Kerala are marginalized from mainstream art history discourses. 

The art-show named ‘Tvam’ meaning ‘You’ in Sanskrit thus comes from the group of artists working in regional spaces like   Bangalore and Kochi. Since the art market boom in India, artists were more self-seeking   and were promoted to work inside a shell of ‘I’. Here, unlike before the artists follow a good trend of forming a group   irrespective of their regional centers of art and are promoted to work inside a shell of ‘You’. 

The art-show ‘Tvam’ conducted by a group of young artists with a unique perspective of thoughts gives a ray of hope in the contemporary art scenario.

- Pavel Suresh / Lecturer in History of Art & Aesthetics