EMM & ENN is an exciting new ST(ART)*up with multi-pronged plans already on the anvil.

EMM & ENN is steered by a couple with a 10 year plus professional background in Fine Arts and who are driven by an irrepressible passion for anything and everything to do with Design & Art. Doers by nature, EMM& ENN is already at work with an ongoing transformative Art & Design sensitization program for young kids & kids-at-heart.
Art Education is one important component amongst several in EMM & ENN ’s innovative futuristic blueprint to bring together Art /Artists & Design/Designers from all over the world in creative collaboration.

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-   Award Winning Visual Artist  -


The images, the icons and other facets in my paintings are imbibed from the society and nature where we live and breathe and serves as an attempt at truthful reflection. 



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MELVIN THAMBI / Creative Consultant
-   Artist + Designer  -

I work as a creative director at RapidValue Solutions. Art is our life and I spend my after-work hours on canvas & paint along with my wife and 8-year-old daughter. 



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