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Emm & Enn is an art studio located in Katy, TX.

Emm & Enn's Art Classes and Workshops are open to anyone of any age, any gender and from all walks of life. Emm & Enn provides customized art lessons for aspiring artists who need in-depth mentoring in particular areas of Art. Emm & Enn is steered by a couple with a 10 year plus professional background in Fine Arts and who are driven by an irrepressible passion for anything and everything to do with Art & Design. 

JUST ST[art]®

- About Emm & Enn -



Art Tutor & Founder | Award-Winning Visual Artist

Nimmy has several art exhibitions, including solo-shows to her credit and is a participant in many art camps and workshops held in India and the US. She won the People's Choice Award at Fort Worth Community Art Center. She was also awarded for her painting ‘Cityscapes’.

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Creative consultant

Melvin Thambi supports and mentors the venture. While sharing Nimmy's Fine Arts background from their days in Art School together, Melvin's forte is his flair for design applications and a keen interest in cutting edge interface possibilities between Art, Design & Technology.

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- News & Media -

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Nimmy Melvin's Interview in ShoutoutHTX .

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Indo American News

Featured in Indo American News.

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Voyage Houston

Emm & Enn art studio featured in Voyage Houston Magazine. 

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Online Art Classes

Emm & Enn art classes aim at boosting a child’s overall brain development by enhancing their cognitive skills and expand their horizon.

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