Our Art classes focus on creating a supportive space that facilitates self-reflectiveness, self-discovery, and self-transformation through doing and making. 

We make it possible through art classes and art workshops.  Adults or kids, single or couple or in the group,  trained or not, corporate or personal, ...

You are all welcome to JUST ST[art]™ 

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Art Classes & Locations


Oil Pastels (4-7 yrs)
Pencil Shading (4-7 yrs)
Water Color
Acrylic Painting
Oil Painting
Pencil Coloring  


Oil Painting
Acrylic Painting
Water Color
Oil Pastels
Soft Pastels
Pencil Coloring
Charcoal Drawing
Pencil Shading
Digital Painting

Hobby Lobby
6811 S Fry Rd Katy, TX 77494
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